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The #openvpn IRC channel on the Freenode IRC network is the official IRC support channel for the OpenVPN open source project. The open source software is supported fully by the community, and in some cases by staff members of OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. The official development channel is #openvpn-devel, where meetings are held every week on Thursdays at 1800 UTC.

In an effort to keep the channel on-topic, and to avoid bickering, fighting, and otherwise unpleasantness, the following policy applies to the IRC channel, and will be enforced by the channel bot (vpnHelper) and the channel admins.

Acceptable Topics
We ask that you do not paste log entries, configs, or other raw data directly to the channel. Please use a hosting service for this data. Some examples are: Flooding the channel will result in a 5 minute ban, administered by vpnHelper, or a channel admin. Channel admin may not be around to remove bans after five minutes, so it's generally best to adhere to channel guidelines.
User/Host Bans
Channel bans will generally remain in effect for a period of 24 hours, or 86,400 seconds. You may check the status of a ban by setting mode +b on the channel. If you are a regular problem, chanserv may be utilized to set a permanent ban. Please avoid this as it's unpleasant for all involved.
Channel Specific Help
If you need help about something related to the channel, but not OpenVPN, send an email to [email protected] and one of the channel admins will respond. Uses for this can include abuse by an admin, abuse by other users, problems getting into or speaking in the channel. Be specific in your email. Include logs demonstrating your channel issue.
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